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How long is it since you placed your order?








Order placed less than 4 hours ago

No problem. Simply cancel your order (we will immediately refund your payment in full), then create it again using your new delivery address.

1. click the CANCEL ORDER button in your Order Confirmation email.

2, You will be linked to a page where you can confirm the request & receive a full refund. (Note that if your order includes a 'bundle' then you will see that our system has already broken down your original order into its components).

3. We will immediately email you to confirm that the order is cancelled and that your refund has been processed.

4. You can then go ahead and place a new order with your correct delivery address.








Order placed more than 4 hours ago:

It is not possible to change the delivery address on your order after 4 hours. By now it will have been passed to our warehouse to prepare and ship. It is not possible for us to recall or cancel delivery of orders after this time. The warehouse works 7 days, 24 hours per day.

If you are able to contact the recipient at your original delivery address we suggest asking them to call you when the parcel is delivered.