We are not currently able to sell window adhesive on our website, but we believe that Dinitrol 501 is a close match to the primed adhesive product we sell on our UK website. 

Other similar products, and other sellers are also available, but you can find this product for purchase on Amazon.
As a rough estimate, you will need approximately 1.5 tubes per window to complete the task.

U-Profile Trim

We are not currently able to sell U-profile trim on this website, but similar products are widely available in the EU. We are not in a position to endorse any particular product but the links below will demonstrate what is available.

Our UK site (for UK customers only) provides the trim in 2 size options:

  • Standard 3-3.5mm (for 2-5mm edges)
  • Extra Wide 8-8.5mm (for 8-14mm edges)

As a rule, we would recommend using a larger edge trim size, with dimensions of approximately 8-10mm or so as it's easier to fit and will stretch to 14-16mm. Such a product will easily go over both metal skins on a T5, so it avoids the need to remove pinch weld.

However, if you have the time and muscle power to cut out these metal skins, then a smaller size of trim of maybe 3-4mm (like the standard trim will give you a slightly neater finish!


    Side Window 3m
    Rear 3/4 window (Short Wheel Base) 2.6m
    Rear 3/4 window (Long Wheel Base) 3.3m
    Barn Doors 4.5m
    Tailgate 3.6m