Kiravans Ford Transit MK7 3.Gen Drehkonsole für Beifahrer-Doppelsitz (Rechtslenker - UK & IRL)

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piers cox
Transit mk7 double passenger swivel

was hesitant reading some reviews, but was a piece of cake to install. I had originally ordered one from another company who were next to useless and ended up cancelling the order. it looked as though this could not be installed if the height of the floor in the rear is higher than the cab... not so. My cab and rear floor is the same height but after I insulated and boarded the back it now sits 40mm higher than the cab, and starts just behind the pillar. Seat swivels no problem, doesn't catch the floor. everything easy to trim out too. I had to panel beat down the ridge as many others (plus the instructions) say - don't be daunted its not the whole ridge, literally just a few cm and a few whacks. couple of hours start to finish. As others also say its the T55 torx bit needed for the bolts. Bought this plus a ratchet from Halfords £20 did the job no problem

Thanks for the review Piers. Great information and handy tips for everyone.

Josh Wright
Great swivel but needed modifications

I had to make the 2 of the 5 holes in the swivel base slightly bigger using a pillar drill as they didn’t completely line up with threaded holes in van floor. I think it might be the craftsmanship of the van more than the swivel. I hope nobody else encountered this problem. Also needs some steel washers to pack up in places as it doesn’t want to sit flat by itself due to contours of van floor . No fittings instructions were sent to me in the package so I had to search online and figure it out by myself which isn’t too difficult but instructions are always appreciated . The mechanism works well so it’s a shame about teething issues installing it

Thanks for the review Josh. Sorry about the instructions. We are trying to reduce the paper we send out, so there is a QR code on the box that links to the instructions.

You are right about the reason for the holes not lining up. The swivel is designed to the specifications of the vehicle, but over time, the bolts on the van sometimes become misaligned. The simplest solution is to use a hammer and a block of wood to encourage the bolts back into place. It shouldn't be necessary to re-drill the holes.

Glad you have it all working now. Enjoy!

Dominic Doran

Serviceable piece of equipment. Really needs a better set of instructions and a video for how to use and fit it.

Mark Viney
Bit disappointed

1. No instructions in the box
2. Swivel doesn’t take into account electric conduit so seat has to sheemed by over 30mm at least. Needing long bolts.
3. Sliding movement as easy as sliding an sand paper.
4, Good ideal not excuted very well.
Spent last 35 years in engineering so not a novice

Laura Keel
Fantastic product

Installed within an hour and has really improved the dynamic of our van for sitting and eating with the kids. Quick delivery even to the Scottish Highlands. Great follow up from the Kiravans team to check all was well. Couldn't fault this product or the company, excellent service.

Louise Bowlt
Great product

Really good product, tools needed are a bit more than what I'd call basic but pretty easy to fit. I didnt have the proper bit to remove the original nuts but a t55 worked OK, all of them were rusted up so long bar was needed, I had to beat down the small raised bit of the floor of the van as others have said they did, the matting needed a fair bit of trimming down, then a 17mm and 19mm socket were needed to fit the seats back on, the plastic trim in the footwell and carpet needed trimming too.
The swivel action takes a minute to get used to but it's made a massive difference to the space in my van. So a little fiddly but 100% worth it, took me a morning to fit.
Kiravan themselves have been amazing, cannot fault their customer service and the base itself is beautifully made and feels strong and heavy. Would definitely recommend.


A recent addition to our range of double seat swivels is this model for the Ford Transit MK7 3rd Generation (pre the 2014 ‘Custom’ release) with original double seats. Hopefully our Ford Transit double seat swivel will help owners get even more use out of their vans.

The swivel mechanism is very different to normal single swivels. It uses a cunning slide and swivel approach so you will need to open the side door to allow the full range of movement. The seat is held securely in position while driving by 4 x specially engineered locking bolts.


Kiravans Transit design swivel meets the safety requirements of the latest EU Regulations. It has passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met Uni) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC.

Notes on fitting:

In some variants, you will find that under the rear off-side swivel floor fixing point, runs a 1cm high & wide ridge in the transit floor pressing which needs to panel beaten down so that the swivel sits flush to the floor. You could, of course, use washers to raise the floor to match this raised ridge but beating it down works best as it keep the overall seat height as low as possible.


  • Self-levelling design to counteract sloping cab floor, making rotated seat actually comfortable to sit on!
  • High density, low friction 'glide layer' for ease of rotation
  • External locking screws


  • Ford Transit MK7 (3rd Generation - pre the 2014 ‘Custom’ release)
  • Compatible with Right Hand Drive vans only (UK & Ireland)
  • Designed for original seats
  • Compatible with the RIB single central driver's seat swivel
  • Not compatible with heated seats or built-in passenger airbags (due to cable connections)


  • All nuts and bolts supplied

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