VW T5/T6 Cab Curtain Kit (Black or Grey)

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Great cab curtains

I've been hanging a large, light-weight campers' towel behind the can seats when I don't need the silver can screens up. The cab curtains, which fit across the windscreen and can for windows were simple to fit and work a treat. I keep it in a small stuff bag pushed under the driver's seat. What I guess is the new addition of two elastic straps which go around the sun visors, has eliminated some reviews of the poppers popping off. The curtain is very secure and the top poppers keep the curtain well tucked into the corners, with no light leakage. Thoroughly recommended.

Richard Gaze
Excellent customer service

As some others have said the poppers wouldn't stay put, I had a replacement blind within a day and this one fits perfectly.
What a fantastic service no hastle and sorted out quicker than I thought possible.

Ben Ralphs
Terrible Product

This product is has a design flaw which has been mentioned in other reviews. The fabric is too tight and the poppers too weak, meaning it's impossible to fix these successfully. Very disappointed, once again.

Glad we were able to sort you out with a quick replacement. Sounds like everything is perfect with that. I guess the sun visor trick helped. If there is anything left from the faulty original that you don't need we can arrange a collection.

Simon Moss
Great curtains

These are a well made curtains and fit really well. Like the idea of using the sun blinds to keep them in place. Another fantastic product thanks Kiravans.

David Hargrave
Cab Curtains

Great product and easy to install, although I have the same problem as others where the press studs in the windscreen do not hold under tension. Currently using the sun visors to hold in position.

John leeming
Cab curtains Great!!!!

I am no expert in DIY but I fitted these curtains within ten minutes!! Brilliant and practical !!! Well done Kiravans!!!!!!


A very neat, clean and simple solution to the cab curtain dilemma! This is a single privacy day/night curtain to go around your cab windows (windscreen and 2 side windows). It is made from the same stretch-fabric as our rear curtain kits so they will match up nicely. It is about 80% black-out and is plenty dark enough for sleeping and having a lie-in! The curtain drop is 95cm and it falls in front of your dashboard to keep the light out.

When not in use this cab curtain simply rolls up and can be stowed away in a cupboard or under the seat. It is much less bulky than the silver screens and goes up in seconds so it's perfect for daytime privacy too. When camping in colder weather it's a good idea to double it up with insulated cab screens.

Notes on fitting:

You will need to drill a 2mm hole for these poppers to ensure they secure tightly and don't come loose. Whilst, our full curtain kits require you to drill a 2.5mm hole for the rails to screw into the van metal, we've found this to be a bit too big for the popper fitting on the cab curtains.

The cab curtain is fixed on with 6 poppers (supplied). One popper goes in each corner of the windscreen and two on each side on the pillars behind the cab seats. The curtain is shaped and elasticated in the top corners to keep it tight and simply drops down vertically. You can then tuck it in front of the steering wheel if you want to.


  • Stretchy fabric (up to 20% extra height)
  • Dense weave for good light blocking and excellent thermal properties


  • Not compatible with the VW Caravelle or Multivan


  • Cab curtain
  • 6 Poppers
  • Screws

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