Floor for inside the VW T5/T6 Double Seat Box

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Product: Left Hand Drive Carpet (No metal sheet)
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Please note, we sell the 2 components (metal sheet & carpet) separately on this website. To achieve the full effect we strongly advise you add both items to your basket.

When you fit your double seat swivel in a T5/T6, you'll notice that the swivelling mechanism is visible inside your seat base, with a nut sticking up and a couple of places that small things could get trapped.

We designed this product to allow you to use the inside of the seat without your items sliding about & getting trapped. This product is simply a thin sheet of galvanised steel cut to fit on top of the swivel and a perfectly cut piece of black carpet to go on top of the steel, keeping the space clean and tidy.

How to Fit

  1. Install the VW T5 double swivel as normal
  2. Place the metal sheet on top of the swivel
  3. Fix the seat on top of that & bolt it down. (The metal sheet will now be sandwiched between the seat and swivel system).
  4. Add the carpet into the seat base
  5. Hey presto! no gaps, nowhere for belongings to get trapped, and (thanks to the carpet liner) fewer rattles in your van.

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