Kiravans Silver Tambour Door Kit (Choice of Width)

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Ambroz Tercic
Door kit

I like the kit, but I had to do my rails a little bit different, bocouse of a small space and it would be nice to have 2 or 4 exstra round corners. But door kit still works great

Stefan Portisch


Quality not up to scratch and not great for flush mounting.

This door is not cheap to start with, considering its just sprayed plastic. But when you add the disappointing quality it turns into expensive for what you get.

The rails don't sit flush, with the edges slightly shorter than the channel. Don't know if there's a reason for this but it results in an untidy finish if flush mounted.

The corner pieces of the rails aren't sprayed, so they don't match the rails or the door slats. This looks very cheap and tacky. They also don't clip into the rails very well; one would think a more secure/defined clip would be easy to manufacture.

The slats are only sprayed on the front, nothing on the sides that are exposed on the curve. Again, it looks cheap and tacky.

No instructions included and I couldn't find anything great online either. It's simple enough to install but would be much easier with just some simple guidelines on length of door slats Vs opening, order to install, number of extra slats over the height of the opening, etc...

If installed recessed (behind the outer edge of the cupboard) Vs flush mounted it would definitely look better, but wouldn't solve all the problems listed above.

Thanks for the review Kevin. I'm sorry the product didn't meet your expectations. We do operate a comprehensive returns policy if you are not satisfied with what you receive.

steven kipper


Armand Mora

Rien a voir avec la vidéo il manque les deux plastiques d'enroulements. Bref je ne peux pas le monter sur mon meuble. Je suis très déçu de l'article.

Désolé pour la confusion. Il y a 2 vidéos pour les deux produits différents que sont les portes tambour et les portes tambour. Ce dernier produit est livré avec les spirales, mais nous ne les vendons plus. Nous ne vendons maintenant que le produit Tambour et il ne nécessite pas de spirale car la porte s'alimente d'elle-même et derrière l'unité à la place. Cela vous donne plus d'espace utilisable dans votre placard.

Harald Fockenberger

Kiravans Tambour Door Kit (Choice of Width & Colour)


Tambour doors are a great alternative to hinged doors or they can be combined with regular cupboard doors for a contemporary look. These kits come as a set complete with tracks and curves for smooth operation and efficient use of space. The slats are manufactured from solid colour, high quality plastic. 

Kiravans Tambour Doors all have a 650mm drop and come in 3 different widths to choose from. The slats widths can be trimmed down as well as the number of slats removed from the length to suit your own design. 


  • Surface mounted tracks & curves
  • Slat width: 17mm slats
  • Handle: Kiravans tambours incorporate a single handle-profile slat at the end of the door


      • 1 x roller door
      • 6 x 600mm surface mount tracks
      • 4 corner curves

      Tambour Door Resources

      Installation documentation, videos & FAQ's:

      Tambour Doors

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