VW T5/T6 DoorStore: Store Big in a Small Space...

One of the biggest challenges for campervan owners is considering how to maximise their small space, but without compromising on important aspects such as valuable, internal storage.

A campervan owner is not going to want clutter everywhere you as it will just be annoying the end...they've gone away to relax after all, so achieving domestic harmony is important to achieve a calm and laid back road trip. Considering some neat campervan storage from the outset will definitely benefit a campervan in the long term and allow you to pack big in a small space. Yes...you can use the roof or ceiling...cargo nets are great for keeping clothes, there’s oodles of storage space under a fixed bed, wall storage comes in all clever shapes and sizes or how about some collapsible storage boxes etc, etc.

As a specialist in designing and sourcing quality products, fittings and accessories for your campervan conversion, we like to think we know a thing or two about campervans! And because of this, our exclusive Designed by Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore was born.

The DoorStore came from the simple idea of finding a way to gain extra van storage without compromising on internal space. It’s really this straightforward and simple!!!

Additional storage power is always essential in a campervan. A safe place where you can put your sunglasses, maps and sun cream. With a VW T5/T6 DoorStore, it is possible to create your very own brew store... toy store... beer store or kitchen store! It’s so versatile in it’s design, it an be used used for many different uses, and it’s multiple storage pockets will keep any campervan spick and span.

And the real beauty is that the Kiravans DoorStore fits into the otherwise redundant door cavities that are hidden behind the panels. Designed for side and rear doors, just remove the panels and bingo...you can fit an incredibly useful van storage unit in minutes!

Watch our useful installation videos where Mike shows you how it’s done:

Video: How to Fit a Kiravans VW T5 T6 DoorStore

Video: How to fit a Kiravans VW T5 T6 Rear DoorStore

Many of our customers fit the door store just as it is, whereas some choose to ‘bling it up’ with lining carpet to match the rest of their interior. See how it’s done here...

Video: How to Carpet Line a VW T5 T6 DoorStore

Take a look at our ‘fitted and loaded’ customer’s DoorStore photos and see for yourself just how brilliantly useful it really is!

Do you have any good campervan storage ideas? Share them with us, we’d really love to hear from you.

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